Monday, November 12, 2007

Superior Shots

Dundundun-dah....(drumroll, please)
Consider this the somewhat-official announcement that I've mentioned in a previous post. What is "Superior Shots"? It is a joint effort between myself and Sarala (of blogaway fame). A few days ago, she approached me with the idea of opening up a Cafepress shop together. Not so much to make money as for the collaboration.

Why the name "Superior Shots"? Ummm....why not? Heh heh. Actually, we came up with a few ideas, but the others produced numerous results when doing an online search. Sarala came up with Superior Shots, which seemed to not be quite as popular in the search engines. So that's the one we decided on.

The basic idea behind the shop is for us to design "products featuring photos of the Great Lakes we live near - Lake Michigan and Lake Superior - and of natural beauty in general." We both feel this is a great way to test the waters and see if anyone would buy our stuff. And it's just plain fun to work on a project together.

So...that's pretty much what has been keeping me away from the blog and photomemes. Initially, it was because I was not feeling well. But now that seems to be somewhat resolved. I've spent the last few days working mostly on setting up the Superior Shots shop. And now that we have a few designs and products put together, it's ready for the world to see. (Scary thought for both of us, I think!)

So feel free to take a look and give us some feedback. But, please, be gentle. Our egos are rather fragile. Heh heh. Don't forget to keep checking. We are continually adding new designs, as well as new products to the existing designs.

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