Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bellybutton Soup

Not a very good photo, but you can blame my crappy camera for that. Why am I taking a bad photo of a bowl of soup and posting it online? And what in the hell is "bellybutton soup"?

I'm posting a bad photo of it, 'cause that's all I have to work with. Bellybutton soup is this:

Basically, just take chicken soup stock (with whatever you would make chicken soup with) and add cheese tortellini instead of noodles (or dumplings, or whatever you'd typically use). I add different stuff to mine each time I make it, so trying to post an actual recipe just won't work.

So why is it called "bellybutton soup"? My friend's daughter -- and Hayley's best friend -- gets credit for that. She calls tortellini "bellybuttons", and was at my house the first time I made chicken soup with tortellini. Soooo....she called it "bellybutton soup". Which, by the way, she loves! Hayley won't even try it. In fact, I made it especially for Crystalyn because she spent the night last night. Unfortunately, she had to leave before I returned from a hike and finished making the soup.

Now I'll have to freeze a lot of it. I've just had two bowlfuls and am already getting tired of bellybuttons. Heh heh.

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sarala said...

What a funny name for it. Now that I see it I will never look at tortellini the same again.