Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Young Artist

Hayley's Hands, originally uploaded by natural_solitude.

Hayley created a neat cherry blossom drawing while we were waiting for our food at Upfront & Company. Actually, in this photo, she's waiting for her cherry Coke, which the waitress forgot to bring. (She originally wanted their bottled rootbeer, but they were all out of it.)

Once again, I've earned an honorable mention in the Tuesday Challenge -- two weeks in a row no less. Thanks (again) to all those who voted for this photo. And congratulations to my fellow Tuesday Champs: jkirlin (The Thing of the Moment), Merlinprincesse (who shares second highest votes with me), and SUBJEKTIV.


sarala said...

Hi Hayley!

Kathe said...

Hayley says hi back at ya.

sarala said...

You and Hayley are obviously winners.
I have only gotten mention twice since I began the memes.

Kathe said...

Maybe we've reached our limit then too. ;^)