Saturday, April 07, 2007


A short while ago, I had challenged sarala to create a poem (found here) out of a single line that had popped into my head while taking photos of old homes overlooking new condominiums. Today, she gave me a challenge -- to come up with a poem to go along with her sparrow photos.
My daughter, Hayley, decided to take on this challenge as well. Her creation was so much better than mine that I've decided to use it as an easy out.
Photo courtesy of sarala
Sparrow’s Song
By Hayley M - age 14

The sparrows fly onto
A rock to have a chat.
Though only the coolest of sparrows
Know where it’s at.

Roger’s there, and Meena too!
Also Teana, Seena, and Rocker’s Boo!

They’re in the club, havin’ a blast,
Until it became the past.
They scattered to hide,
Only to bide the time
Of their own demise.

One survivor stood alone…
Until She came along.
She sang a song, so true and
Right, and brought back every
Sparrow in sight!

So the Party began once more,
Until the return
Of Brother Thor.

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