Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Snow Day

Hayley only looks like she's having fun. She hates shoveling, but is happy about getting the day off from school. And it looks as if she just might have tomorrow off as well. Since "spring break" was supposed to start on Friday, she may actually have started it today. (Which means the Mom-I'm-bored scene will probably start two days earlier than it would have as well!)
I think I'm done with the "snowstorm" updates. I've had enough of this snow, wind and cold (OH MY!) already...and am tired of looking at (and being out in) it!
**UPDATE** It has been school tomorrow either. Hayley is officially on Spring Break. Now all we need is the SPRING weather!!!!
***ANOTHER UPDATE*** Hokey-wah!!! We've just experienced a 20- to 30- minute power outtage!

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