Monday, December 22, 2008

Ta-da! Da Tadpoles!

Finally got a little bit better shots of the tadpoles today. While cleaning out their tank, I put them into a CoolWhip container, which made it a little easier to photograph them. Still not great shots, but I'm workin' on it!
Hayley has finally decided on their names (all Japanese names):
The small one is Ren (meaning lotus or romance, love - just 'cause it's so darn cute)
The medium-sized one is Yasu (meaning peaceful, peace or level - this tadpole is the most docile)
And the biggest one is Michi (meaning path - appropriately named, since that one is developing faster than the other two)


sarala said...

So cute! Good luck raising them.

Ali B. said...

Cute.. how big are they now?

Kathe said...

Michi and Yasu are HUGE! They have really large frog-like heads, and even teeny tiny back legs showing. Poor little Ren isn't growing quite as fast.