Sunday, December 21, 2008

Otherwise Occupied

Haven't been posting or taking photos much lately. Besides the weather being too crappy for taking pictures, I've also been busy trying to find supplies for a more permanent home for our amphibian houseguests.
We are pretty sure Hayley's tadpoles are going to be Northern Leopard Frogs. Of course, that's assuming they even survive the tadpole stage. Apparently, there's not a lot of success in this area - nor is there much information about these particular creatures as pets. But I did find an absolutely wonderful site, called Vivarium Forums, which has all sorts of information on creating habitats and animal care (for reptiles, amphibians, etc.) If the tadpoles don't survive even after we get an appropriate habitat set up for them, we will probably find some other creature to put into it. I really like the whole natural land/water vivarium idea! Even if we end up not having any critters to put into it, it'd be neat just for having plants and stuff.
So that's what is keeping me occupied lately. I'm still trying to get some decent shots of the tadpoles, but doubt I'll have anything before we get them into a better tank. The little plastic one they're in now just doesn't make for good photos.
If anyone has any ideas as to where to pick up some fairly inexpensive frog supplies, please let me know! Right now, my biggest problem is finding a tank large enough for when (IF) they become adults. I was told I'd probably need at least a 4-foot long aquarium (they're "excellent climbers, jumpers and swimmers"), and those are definitely not cheap and are difficult to find!

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