Friday, December 12, 2008


In Hayley's Biology class, they had to break into groups and raise any type of living organism. Hayley and her partners decided to raise frogs -- first from embryos, then from tadpoles when the first set died after someone accientally used undistilled water to fill their tank. (At least that's the story Hayley's sticking with.) Apparently, nobody else in her group wanted to bring them home. So...we are now the owners of three (rather ugly, but interesting) large tadpoles. I have no idea what kind of frogs they will be -- assuming they live long enough to reach adulthood. But this now means I need to figure out not only what these li'l creatures need (now and later), but also how to pay for the stuff. *sigh*
Of course, we don't HAVE to keep them. But as my friends and family know, I like almost any creature or critter. (Except maybe humans, heh heh.) So I will do what I can to provide the froggies-to-be a suitable home...'til death do us part, and hopefully that doesn't happen before they grow up.

As a side note...Hayley's Biology teacher is also a photographer. She takes beautiful portraits! I hope she got better shots of these tadpoles. It was difficult shooting them through their plastic tank, and with poor lighting too.
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sarala said...

I loves dem froggies!