Friday, June 15, 2007

Scholarship Update

Hayley received her scholarship check yesterday, so we spent most of today making phone calls, walking around Marquette in extremely warm weather, then finally buying some art supplies before walking back home.
She had initially wanted to take a couple of courses at The Art Academy, but decided to first get supplies that she's been wanting and/or needing (to replace stuff she had but has run out of). She might still take a couple of courses this summer, but getting the supplies used up most of her money -- and she wasn't even able to get all that she wanted to get. Art supplies are expensive -- decent art supplies, that is.

(Oh, and she got a haircut...but that was free. heh heh)

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sarala said...

I saw Hayley's photo on Flickr and thought, what did she get her hair cut? Guess I should have read the blog first.
Cute new look Hayley.