Thursday, June 07, 2007

Art Scholarship

Psst, Hayley. YOU ROCK!

I'm sure there are some out there who are really tired of hearing about my daughter and seeing photos of her posted here, on my Aminus3 photoblog, Flickr...or anywhere else for that matter. But I absolutely cannot let this totally awesome news slide by without acknowledgement. Those who have already heard about it have been enquiring about the details, so I thought I might as well use my blog for something more than just a place to display my photomeme entries.

Drawing at the beach

Hayley came home yesterday and announced that her Art teacher pulled her out of Science class to offer Hayley a $100 Art Scholarship, and asked if she'd be interested. Well, DUH! Of course she is! My daughter didn't have much information about the scholarship, so I sent an email to her teacher, Mrs. Willcock. Here is the edited version of her response:

The scholarship is from the Reynolds Foundation (Moira Reynolds, who passed away not too long ago, was a huge supporter of the arts in Marquette). Every year the foundation provides several scholarships for students at (the middle school and high school) in music and the arts on a rotating basis. The scholarship is intended to provide an opportunity for selected students to attend workshops or lessons to promote their talent and interests. Alternatively, students could apply the funds to the purchase of supplies or equipment which would enable them to continue to develop their skills.
I chose Hayley for this scholarship because she exhibits the “heart” of an artist. Whatever the activity, she is excited to apply her personal interpretation to it. This is exactly what I would hope for every student, but the reality is that only a few kids show this enthusiasm. Hayley is one of them. When I told her about the scholarship she was SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited--- and that’s so wonderful.
This is the biographical information that I sent on to the Superintendent’s office. If there is anything else you feel should be included, please let me know and I will add
Hayley is an 8th grader at (her school). She shows a depth of passion for art and
writing which is seldom seen in middle schoolers. She carries her writing journal with her constantly and it’s filled with her original poetry and illustrations. When
exposed to new materials or concepts, she embraces them wholeheartedly. She has the “soul” of an artist.
I couldn’t have picked a better person than Hayley for this scholarship. I hope she can use it to attend a workshop or otherwise allow her to express herself through her art.
Bonnie Willcock

Cherry Blossoms and Cherry Coke


torekimi said...

Well done, Hayley. I'm sure it's just the beginning of your success.

sarala said...

Yeah! I love the first picture of Hayley too. Are you sure you're not a closet artist yourself.
Now Hayley is just stuck with making choices!

Kathe said...

Hayley says thanks T. and S., and that,yes, there are definitely a lot of choices to make!

jkirlin said...

Congrats, Hayley!

Michelle said...

Congrats Hayley!

Uncle David and I are so very proud of you! I know you will use the scholarship wisely and decide which will benefit you more. Again, we are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Proud of you!


Aunt Chelle