Saturday, August 09, 2008

Downtown Marquette Pirate Festival

Busy, busy weekend here in Marquette. A lot of events for the Pirate Festival. The Ore to Shore mountain bike races were today too. I had planned on trying to catch at least the end of the Ore to Shore, but that didn't happen. (Sorry, Ali!) So you'll have to check AliB.'s blog to see how her race went. I have also missed most of the Pirate Festival happenings. I'm fine. Just not feeling quite up to trekking all over Marquette, up and down hills, and having my back scream for me to stop torturing it.

Anyway, here are some shots I DID manage to get during the Pirate Festival. I may try to catch the Pirate Ball tonight and take some pics of dancing Pirates, but I'm not going to make promises.


Ali B. said...

I do believe we saw dancing pirates on our way to the dog patch or dog pound or dog SOMETHING bar Saturday night. Loved the Marquette pirate scene! Also, that restaurant.. Sweetwater?... on 3rd street has amazing food! We hit it twice in 36 hours. :)

Kathe said...

The DogHouse. And, yes, Sweetwater Café.

Did you also hit Third Street Bagel Company and Babycakes?

I swear, Ali, we HAD to have crossed paths a number of times that weekend! We live only a block from the library, so you were VERY close to our place. Too funny.

It's strange to see photos of Marquette on someone else's blog who doesn't even live here!

sarala said...

Looks like fun!