Sunday, August 24, 2008

8-18 Media in Denver

Just found out the 8-18 Media team covering the Democratic National Convention has arrived in Denver, and are already at work. They are currently using TV6's flip-cam (Hayley's team will take it over next week), and have a story posted already on the TV6 website.
8-18 Media travels to DNC
8-18 Media's video blog
I believe the video blog -- hosted on TV6's website -- will be updated during both National Conventions. So keep checking that link for updates over the next couple of weeks.
Still haven't found anything on The Mining Journal's site.

Tues. Aug 26th:
8-18 Media (finally) has a story in The Mining Journal.
8-18 Media DNC Blog (TV6 Website)
There are now three stories on 8-18 Media's video blog (also TV6 website -- linked above)
Wed. Aug 27th: Another Mining Journal entry
New blog entry on TV6 website
Thurs. Aug 28th: 8-18 Media also has blog posts on MLive.Com
We finally hear from Ben, with a story covering -- not surprisingly -- a more technical point of view. So far, we've heard from Emily, Erin, and Ben. But there is still one more 8-18 Media member on the DNC team we've not heard from. (Where's Eric?) Correction: Eric does have at least one post on the MLive website. Oops. My bad!
Short video clip from inside the Pepsi Center added to the Convention Coverage page on the TV6 website...AND another story by Eric.

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