Monday, July 21, 2008

Looking Brighter

Yay. New hard drive (and OS, and updates, and software, and...and...and) installed, and life is back to normal. Of course, that means it's as crazy as usual -- plus or minus a few trials and tribulations.

If not for Flickr, I would have lost this photo along with the others. Thankfully, I had the sense to upload pretty much everything I wanted to keep before the hard drive crashed. Sometimes it pays to play it safe.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Lovely picture. Glad you saved it and others. I've lost so many, that I got multiple hard drives with built in duplication.

Is it still raining ever day up there?

Kathe, we were the one ones waving from the old blue freighter (Grand Marquis)--my husband had hugely long legs or we'd prefer a smaller car. Good for lots of camping gear though.

We LOVED the Porkies!!! Are you a Yooper?

Kathe said...

Nope. No rain today. I don't even see a cloud in the sky. Still mild temperature-wise though.

I saw the blue freighter! Okay. I didn't. But I waved! *emphatic nod*

Yup...born, raised and remain a Yooper. I don't think I'd survive anywhere else.

Ali B. said...

Fantastic photo.. makes my rainy day so much brighter!

torekimi said... had melt-down? It's happening to loads of people. I'm currently uploading to Flickr like a demon. jkirlin lost a load of pr0n and still can't get over it.