Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rocky Shoreline

Thursday Challenge: Rocks

I practically grew up climbing rocks like this along the Lake Superior shoreline (in various areas of the U.P.). I like the fact that we live close enough to some rocky areas that Hayley can do it too. These particular rocks are below the Marquette Lighthouse -- on the side of McCartys Cove where we're not supposed to be. (OOPS!)


Anonymous said...

I think my kids and I are heading to the UP next month (it's a tossup between UP and Colorado...or maybe Kentucky).

I was in the desert last week (where my rocks are from)

Beautiful shots (I'm from the LP)

Yrsa said...

Really interesting rocks. Must be a rather "soft" stone as the sea has eroded it this much. Good wet feeling in the pic!

Ali B. said...

Ahh.. I can almost smell it. I love Lake Superior. I just saw your question in my old mail account and YES, I am going to be at Ore2Shore this year. I think it's the 2nd weekend in August. Great atmosphere for a race - can't wait. :)