Saturday, June 21, 2008

Baby Blues Checkup

A couple of weeks ago, I received a reminder notice from my optometrist's office telling me it was time for a checkup. Since her office is now in a location that's difficult for me to get to, I decided to switch to Hayley's optometrist, whose office is just 3 blocks from where we live.

The day before my appointment, I received a reminder call. Lo and behold, it was a friend I've known since high school who called. She used to work at both of the last two optometrists' places I've gone to, and it was great to know she was at the new one now too.

I brought along my camera, thinking it'd be fun to take some photos during my appointment. I got so busy, though, gabbing with my friend that I didn't remember to take out my camera until after my eyes were dilated. So this is the only shot I got. (It's difficult to focus the camera when you can't even focus your eyes.) But I would have loved to have taken some great shots like Ali B. did during her visit to the eye doctor!


Ali B. said...

Amusing that so many of us had our eyes checked last week... you're not a teacher are you?

Kathe said...

Nope. Not a teacher.