Saturday, November 07, 2009

Still around

It was a beautiful day - over 60 degrees - and I couldn't resist getting outside with my camera. Unfortunately, it was not a smart thing to do - and my shoulder AND arm are suffering because of it.

This weekend, Marquette is also hosting World Cup Speed Skating, but the only photos I'll have of it are of the flags and wooden "skates" on the lamp posts around the downtown area.

But here is a collage of some of my photos from today's (painful) outing:

Milkweed Seeds and Pods - Collage


sarala said...

Wow your first post since May. The photos are gorgeous. I love these pod things. I don't think we have them around here. I wish we did!
Sorry the arm hurts so much. Too bad I'm a shrink and not a surgeon, huh!

Dream Chymecindy said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog. And I like it, so I follow! I hope you will check mine too...

Sophie Munns said...

Hi ...
I just found your blog through Sarala's lovely blog!
I had to comment on how great these photos are....I do a blog called Homage to the Seed and it would be great to post this lovely photo collage sometime there.
let me know if you like...and
hope you are doing better soon with your arm!

Kathe said...

Thanks, Sophie. Here is a larger version of the seedpod collage.

As for the's doing better as far as the pain goes. But still somewhat limited when doing certain things - photography being one of them, as it's difficult to steady my camera. :^(

Thanks again for the comment. :^)