Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy American Frog Day!

Happy American Frog Day!, originally uploaded by Natural Solitude.

From our home to yours.

Michi and Ren


Ali B. said...

One of those creepy things turned into a prince???

Kathe said...

This is Michi. And he's NOT creepy. Just look at that cute li'l face. He has joined the froggy kingdom, but Ren only just sprouted back legs. So it'll be a while before she joins him in all of the little hiding places he has managed to find out of the water.

I can't seem to get Hayley to kiss him to find out if he's really a prince though. Doesn't sound like you want to volunteer either, huh? ;^)

sarala said...

Is there such a thing? Really?
I'd kiss him for you if he'd let me. Frogs are cute.