Sunday, November 09, 2008

80 Reasons to Have a Portable Snowman

80) It's cool.
79) It won't hurt you.
78) It's yours...'til it melts.
77) Just 'cause.
76) It would jump off of a building for you.
75) It's hopelessly hopeful.
74) It's innocent.
73) It's guilty.
72) It's innocent UNTIL proven guilty.
71) It's vegetarian.
70) It's vegan.
69) It likes dairy products.
68) You can make it look pretty.
67) You can make it look ugly.
66) You can make it look pretty ugly.
65) You can make it fly.
64) You can think about it.
63) You can jump with it.
62) You can fix it when it's broken.
61) It's insane.
60) It's there to have and to hold.
59) You can dance with it.
58) You can sing to it.
57) It'll be your homie.
56) You can gaze at the stars with it.
55) It likes animals.
54) You can bring it to work. If you work outdoors in the winter...or in an icebox.
53) You can put it inside a tire.
52) It can hide pretty well.
51) You can play tetherball with it.
50) It's pure random FUN!
49) It's creative and artistic.
48) It does dangerous stunts.
47) It's small. (And did we mention portable?)
46) You can eat chips with it.
45) It's magical.
44) It's kid-friendly and mother-approved.
43) It's safe.
42) You can share it.
41) It's easier to draw than your cat.
40) It's respectful.
39) You can take it on the bus. * Not recommended for long bus trips.
38) You can take it to school. But probably not a good idea. And definitely don't leave it in your locker.
37) You can write about it.
36) You can READ ALL ABOUT IT.
35) It's multicultural.
34) It's saintly.
33) It's your personal treasure.
32) It fits in the palm of your hand. (Remember, it's portable.)
31) It can talk to trees and plants.
30) It's family-friendly.
29) It's eco-friendly.
28) It won't hold a grudge.
27) It'll be a willing model for your portraits.
26) It's better than a video game or action figure.
25) It likes you and you like it.
24) You can cry with it.
23) It'll be your BFF.
22) It can sit on your head.
21) You can talk to it.
20) You can laugh at it.
19) You can laugh with it.
18) You can be as random as you'd like with it, and it won't judge you.
17) You can play with it.
16) It makes you giggle with delight.
15) It cheers you up when you're down.
14) It's a weapon of mass destruction. Sort of. Well, it COULD be!
13) You can throw it at your most obnoxious neighbor.
12) It's so loveable and hug-able.
11) It'll play four-square with you.
10) It's always up for a game of tennis.
9) It's a fun gift for all.
8) You can put it in a tree.
7) It doesn't make sense.
6) It brings people together.
5) It's unisex -- and one size fits all.
4) It's random.
3) We'll have fun, fun, fun...'til the snowman melts away.
2) It's cute and portable. Just like those little dogs you can put in your purse. Except maybe you don't want to put it in your purse 'cause it'll melt and make a huge mess. Okay, maybe you don't want to put it in your purse. But it's still cute and portable!

And last but not least, the number one reason to have a portable snowman:
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sarala said...

I'd ask for one too but I'm not ready to see snow yet. We had the first few flakes today but the leaves are still falling so we have a few more weeks before real snow.
Very fun and clever.

Betsy said...

I LOVE your portable snowman! I sit here smiling and laughing. Thank you for sharing him. Is he a him? I want one, too. Does he need a friend over here? I can make him a friend.... In fact I am going to e-mail him to some friends and make him a friend!
Love B

Edward Vielmetti said...

Not enough snow down here in Ann Arbor to make one of these yet!

Kathe said...

I came up with the "portable snowman" idea, but it was actually my daughter who came up with most of the "reasons".
Betsy: Thanks for sharing it with others! Yes, I say "it" -- but if you want it to be a "him" that's fine. That's another good reason to have a portable snowman: They can be whatever you want them to be. If you do make a friend for our little snowman, don't forget to take pictures and show us.
Ours is melting a little, but still pretty much intact. Hayley put it on our front porch, and -- so far -- our dog hasn't discovered it. If she does, it won't last long. Ari LOVES playing with snowballs, and three of them put together would be all the more fun for her.

Ali B. said...

I'm concerned for his safety... armless snowman vs tetherball!?

Ann said...

I love it!