Monday, October 27, 2008

Welcome, Seth - Teen Couple (Update)

For those following my (infrequent) updates on Crystalyn and Carl, the teen couple I tried photographing during pregnancy, they are now officially teen parents of a beautiful baby boy. Unfortunately, because Hayley and I have both recently been ill, we were not able to witness Seth's birth. Both mom and son are home and doing well, as are dad and grandma. As soon as I feel it's safe enough to visit them without making any of them sick as well, I will take LOTS of pictures.


sarala said...

Wow, they had their baby already. Best wishes to them. They have some long nights ahead of them.
Feel better soon!

sarala said...

I love it when you stick your neck out!
I'll check out the link. My grandmother died of breast cancer. It was terrible.