Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lichen on the Rock

Lens Day: Portrait

Actually, his name is Luke, but when he wrote down his email address for me to send him copies of the photos I took, it started with "lichen". And that "rock" is part of the U.S.S. Darter - U.S.S. Dace Memorial.


sarala said...

I like. Pretty brave to take a picture of a stranger. I lack the guts to do that.

Kathe said...

No bravery involved. Hayley and I were walking past the Maritime Museum, and I was taking shots of the construction area for the new Coast Guard station. This guy yelled to me to take a picture of him on the rock...then another....then another. He's a major ham (obviously). The last place I saw him working was at Little Ceasar's. He would stand on the corner, holding a sign, singing, dancing, all kinds of weather. I see him around the neighborhood a lot too. When the boys were out playing their music on our corner, he stopped to give them tips on how to attract more of an audience.