Sunday, February 17, 2008

The End and the Beginning

Today was the end of the UP200. Unfortunately, Hayley and I weren't able to catch any teams finishing. I had planned on going to watch the first teams come in, but Yvonned called and asked me to go snowshoing with her. She was able to borrow an extra pair of snowshoes, so I couldn't pass up that opportunity. Of course, I brought my camera. But I didn't take even one photo. (My bad.) By the time we got home, and I warmed up a bit, there were only three teams still running. We would've had to wait out in the increasingly nasty weather for at least an hour or two in order to see any of them come in. So we went home. But I did get a few photos of the beginnings of our winter storm. And a couple of shots of two dogs trying to escape the weather by hiding under a truck. Does that count?

2008 UP200 Finish Line

Escaping the Cold

Winter Storm Begins

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