Friday, March 30, 2007

Morning Heather

I decided to choose this -- of all mornings -- to get out to take photos of the sunrise over Lake Superior. Not only was it an overcast morning (which meant not much of a sunrise), but also incredibly cold. As I was heading up the hill towards home, I stopped to try to take some photos of crocus buds with drops of rain still on them. They were growing between the sidewalk and a stone wall, upon which stood a house with a yard full of various plants and interesting walkways.
As I was trying to take photos of the crocuses, a lady came out of the house to dump some water or something. "It's rather early to be trying to catch the crocuses in bloom," she said. I explained to her that I was just trying to catch the dew on the buds, but it wasn't working out so well. She then pointed up into the yard and told me that she liked the heather as it is usually the first to show signs of life in the Spring. So I carefully tried to avoid the sleeping crocuses at my feet and placed my little tripod on top of the wall. It was a rather tricky shot as there was a metal (maybe iron...I can't recall) fence at the edge of the wall. Then the woman said, "You're welcome to come up and take a look around." So I did...but was only brave enough to stick to photographing around the area near the fence. By this time, my hands felt like ice. So I thanked the nice lady and headed towards home.


sarala said...

I've been wanting to plant some heather myself. I used to love seeing it grow wild-I think in the northwest.

sarala said...

Congratulations, you have won a Thinking Blogger Award. Please check out this link for more info.

Kathe said...

Thanks, S.....again. :^)